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what is our spieltrieb?

Being cobbled together from different regions and fields of activity, the idea to gather in an association (eingetragener Verein, “e.V.”) came up in November 2016. With some members’ subcultural activities going back in time over a decade, we felt the call to give our projects a platform and to promote them by creating a unionunit for our common interest – the promotion of arts and culture.

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what is going on right now?

Since 2008, most of us are permanently engaged in a broad variety of projects, collaborations and cooperations. Having our roots in the Free Open Air scene, we started evolving various formats. In the following remarks you find a specified collection of our ongoing projects.

Remi’s tour de trouble

The idea started in 2012, with Remi and a friend having their first "Tour de Trouble" through Berlin's colourful nightlife.

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Model Space Project

The Model Space project, collects data in the fields of spatial planning and legal frameworks for unbureaucratic use of space.

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Techno Bike

Together with our cooperation partner Tonverleih GmbH, we are very proud to be involved in the development, promotion and utilization of the famous Techno Bike.

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Studio db

Our headquarter: here we hang out, have ideas, meet up and have fun. We are developing it as a place for storage, workshops and all kinds of small events.

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wanna participate?

Got curious or even inspired? Join us! Together we can do great things! By becoming a supporting member you can enhance your scene activities by joining our network. We are aiming to form a strong community with a clear voice, promoting art and culture, inspiring and getting inspired, doing what we love!

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yes, we cooperate

A team is nothing without its members. Here a short overview of partners we actively collaborate with