Les enfants terrible arrivent.

Remis tour de trouble

Since more than five years we organize non-commercial Free Open Air events in public space. The magic in these events lies in its openness, its accessibility for everybody and its formlessness. No bouncers, no door policy, no selection – just music, outdoors and good times.

“A Free Open Air of my taste is, when you are not able to say who organizes it, because there is no visible hierarchy between organizers, artists and guests. We are all participants co-creating these gatherings.”

This opinion our board member Daniel states as his personal description. All people are invited to gather in some secret escapes in the forest, fields, lakes, parks, etc.

“It actually does not matter where the Free Open Airs take place, it is more the goal that they take place as an event of peace, tolerance and equality – and fun of course.”

The idea started in 2012, with Remi and a friend having their first "Tour de Trouble" through Berlin's colourful nightlife, after having moved to the city. Quickly after starting the first own Free Open Air events one thing was very clear - trouble is ahead! Big city, lots of interests. And a long lead time for legal approval.

So the tour started, with its broad variety of encounters, nice and not so nice authorities and neighbors, sometimes changing locations twice a day. The main aim was to find the spot with "no stress", where the event did not disturb and did not get disturbed. With space getting less and less in the booming German capital it got harder and harder to organize and execute events in the inner city ring.

"How to stay out of trouble and in the city"? "1st of May!" With the fourth edition this year, the "Tour de trouble" is happening on the most conflict-avoiding day of the Berlin year - 1st of May!

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